The site parameters are located in config/_default/params.toml by default.

Name Type Default Description
mainSections Array ["posts"] Main sections
titleCase Boolean false Capitalized title or not
titleSeparator String - Title separator
backgroundImage Array [] Background image, such as ['/images/bg.png'], ['/images/bg-light.png', '/images/bg-dark.png'].
comment Boolean true Whether to enable comments
toc Boolean true Whether to enable TOC
tocWordCount Integer 280 TOC is displayed only if the post’s word count is greater than this value.
tocPosition String sidebar Available values: sidebar and content, only the posts layout is affected.
breadcrumb Boolean true Whether to enable breadcrumb
dateFormat String Jan 2, 2006 Date format. Checkout the Hugo Date and Time Templating Reference for details.
poweredBy Boolean true Whether to show powered by.
readingTime Boolean true Whether to display the reading time.
postDate Boolean true Whether to display the post date in the post meta section.
math Boolean false Whether to enable math globally.
diagram Boolean false Whether to enable diagram globally.
logo String/Boolean images/logo.webp Logo image. Disable logo by setting it to false.
brand String - Brand text.
description String - Site description.
keywords String - Site keywords.
color String - Color mode, light, dark or auto. Default to auto.
palette String - Default palette. This will take effect after clearing the Cookie.
palettes Array ALL Available palettes. You can disable it by setting it to empty [].
featuredPostCount Integer/Boolean 5 The number of featured posts shown in sidebar. Turn off by setting it to false.
recentPostCount Integer/Boolean 5 The number of recent posts shown in sidebar. Turn off by setting it to false.
relatedPostCount Integer/Boolean 5 The number of related posts. Turn off by setting it to false.
categoryCount Integer/Boolean 10 The number of categories shown in sidebar. Turn off by setting it to false.
tagCount Integer/Boolean 10 The number of tags shown in sidebar. Turn off by setting it to false.
seriesCount Integer 10 The number of series shown in sidebar.
taxonomyPaginate Integer 10
taxonomyPostCount Integer 3 The number of taxonomy’s posts. Turn off by setting it to false.
taxonomySortingMethod String - Sorting taxonomies by popularity, sort alphabetically by default.
countTaxonomyPosts Boolean false Count posts of taxonomy.
sidebarTaxonomies Array ["series", "categories", "tags"] The taxonomies on the sidebar.
fullWidth Boolean false Full width.
fullWidthInSections Object - Specify the full width for particular sections, such as posts, docs.
fixedHeader Boolean true Turn on/off fixed header.
reward Object - Reward Widget, AKA Buy Me a Coffee Widget.
externalLinkIcon Boolean true Whether to show the icons after the external links.
share Object - Share buttons
share.addThis String - AddThis’s pubid.
fontSize Object Font Sizes Comment or remove this parameter to disable font size switcher.
fontSize.small String .9rem Small font size.
fontSize.extraSmall String .8rem Extra small font size.
fontSize.large String 1.1rem Large font size.
fontSize.extraLarge String 1.2rem Extra large font size.
socialShare Boolean true Turn on/off built-on social share button.
searchBar Boolean true Turn on/off built-on search bar.
archive Object - Archive.
search Object - Search.
docsearch Object - DocSearch
docsearch.container String .search-button
docsearch.appId String -
docsearch.indexName String -
docsearch.apiKey String -
docsearch.debug Boolean false
docsearch.* Boolean/String/Number -
algolia Object - See Algolia
Top App Bar
topAppBar Object - Object - Social Links.
topAppBar.colorToggle Boolean true Turn on/off the color/mode toggle.
topAppBar.coloredInDark Boolean false Colored in dark mode.
topAppBar.dropdownMenuToggle Boolean true Hide the dropdown menu toggle.
Webmaster Site Verification
siteVerification Object - String - Google String - Bing String - Baidu
siteVerification.baiduUnion String - Baidu Union String - Qihoo 360
siteVerification.sogou String - Sogou
siteVerification.shenma String - Shenma
analytics Object - Analytics configuration. String - Baidu Analytics.
analytics.plausible String - Plausible Analytics Domains. Multiple domains separate by comma.
analytics.plausibleScript String Specify the self-hosted Plausible Analytics script or extended script.
googleAdsense String - Google Adsense.
customCSS Array - See also custom assets.
customJS Array - See also custom assets.
utterances Object - Utterances configuration.
giscus Object - Giscus configuration.
Creative Commons License
creativeCommons Object - Boolean true Credit must be given to you, the creator. Boolean true Only noncommercial use of your work is permitted.
creativeCommons.nd Boolean true No derivatives or adaptations of your work are permitted. Boolean true Adaptations must be shared under the same terms.
Code Block
codeBlock Object -
codeBlock.maxLines Integer 7
codeBlock.lineNos Boolean true true/false represents that show/hide the line numbers by default.
post Object -
post.excerpt String Summary Options: description
post.excerptMaxLength Integer 320
post.copyright Boolean true Whether to display copyright section on each post.
post.plainifyExcerpt Boolean true Format excerpt in HTML if false.
post.featuredImage Boolean false Show the featured image above the content.
post.numberifyHeadings Boolean false Count headings automatically.
post.numberifyHeadingsEndLevel Number 6 The depth of headings to count.
post.numberifyHeadingsSeparator String - The separator between of number and headings.
post.tocStyleType String none The TOC’s CSS list-style-type property.
post.imageTitleAsCaption Boolean false Use image title as caption.
post.panel Boolean true Turn on/off the post panel.
post.nav Boolean true Turn on/off the navigations.
post.readMoreFromContent Boolean false The page position after clicking the read more button, read more from content if true. Default to the beginning of page. It supports only of the manual summaries splitting via <!--more-->.
viewer Boolean true Image Viewer
pwa Object - Progressive Web Apps
sidebar Object -
sidebar.fixed Boolean false Fix default sidebar.
sidebar.taxonomiesToggle Boolean true Show the taxonomies toggle widget on the sidebar.
sidebar.taxonomiesToggleArchives Boolean true Show/Hide the archives from the taxonomies toggle.
sidebar.series Boolean false Show the series widget on the sidebar.
sidebar.categories Boolean false Show the categories widget on the sidebar.
sidebar.tags Boolean false Show the tags widget on the sidebar.
sidebar.archives Boolean false Show the archive widget on the sidebar.
sidebar.authors Boolean false Show the authors widget on the sidebar.
sidebar.postsToggle Boolean true Show the posts toggle on the sidebar.
sidebar.featuredPosts Boolean false Show the featured posts widget on the sidebar.
sidebar.recentPosts Boolean false Show the recent posts widget on the sidebar.
sidebar.collapsed Boolean flase Collapse sidebar widgets by default on small screens.
Meta Tag
metaRobots String - Empty means that turn it off.
contact Object - Contact Form
pinnedPost Boolean true Turn on/off pinned posts.
pinnedPostCount Integer 1 The number of pinned posts.
rss String/Boolean true Display the RSS button on the social links. Turn it off by false, link it to homepage all the times by setting it to home.
feeds Object - RSS feeds
feeds.content Boolean false Display the full content if ebabled.
actionsPanel Object -
actionsPanel.disabled Boolean false Disable actions panel.
repo Object - See Repository widget.

Except the Google webmaster tool, the other webmaster tools cannot work with hugo --minify, because they cannot recognize the minified meta tag.