The repository widget shows the commit information about current page, it’s useful for users to view or edit the source code.


This widget relies on the .GitInfo, so you’ll need to either enable it via the --enableGitInfo flag or setting the enableGitInfo as true in config.toml.

1$ hugo --enableGitInfo
1enableGitInfo = true

Site Parameters

Name Type Default Description
repo Object -
repo.url String - Required. The URL of your public repository. GitHub and GitLab are supported.
repo.branch String master The branch name.
repo.subPath String - The sub path of content.
repo.dateFormat String 02/01/2006, 15:04:05 PM The format of commit date.


The repository widget is disabled by default, you’ll need to include widget via Hooks.

For posts layout.

1{{- partial "docs/repo" . }}

For docs layout.

1{{- partial "docs/repo" . }}